About Us



Online Assistant Pro is a team of U.S. professionals with years of expertise. We strive to offer highly remarkable service at the most reasonable cost. Our clients’ requirements are of utmost importance to us. We understand the challenges of a business and make an extraordinary effort to assist our clients to achieve success. We keep in mind that your success is in turn our success.


Who Uses Our Services

Attorneys, Authors, Artists, Business Coaches, Financial Advisors, Photographers, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Construction Companies, and Entrepreneurs. Basically, any forward looking small business that wants to increase their productivity and promote growth.

Several of the benefits of working with Online Assistant Pro:

We provide our own office space, equipment & supplies.

A small business owner doesn’t have to incur the costs associated with hiring a salaried employee.

There are no employer related taxes to be paid.

No benefit packages to buy.

No downtime or personal leave.

Our Virtual Assistants are available on an “as needed basis.”

A small business owner has the choice to hire an Online Assistant only as necessary for their business. An Online Professional Assistant is under contract only for the time that is worked on a particular task or project. Partnering with an Online  Assistant can be the ideal solution to the overwhelming everyday tasks. So go ahead, hire a VA today. You may be pleasantly surprised at what an Online Assistant can bring to your business!   

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about our VA’s…

“Very detailed oriented, excellent at follow up and personable with my prospects and clients. She has helped me set appointments and follow up on prospective client leads, and has “gone the extra mile” to follow up with them and answer their questions and concerns… highly recommended, as a very project oriented, goal focused and professional business partner!” – S.O. (Insurance Consultant in SC, California, US )

“Very responsible and detail oriented. She communicates well and asks the right questions. She is a great asset.” – M.A. (Attorney in SF Bay Area, US)

“Our VA did an amazing job searching bank accounts that fit our company’s needs and other legal or tax related research. We are hiring her again” – D.F. (CEO, New York, US)

“She is doing an amazing job and I highly recommend her. All her work is done virtually,.. very committed and does detailed jobs.” – L.Z. (CEO, California, US)

“I hired my VA to do some of my social media updates. She has been so efficient and cost effective; I have moved additional items to her. She is a great value and a pleasure to work with.” – J.S. (Business Coach in CA, US)

“Hiring a VA has been a huge help. Her work is excellent, and she pays great attention to detail. I’ve enjoyed working with her, and I hope we can work together again.” K.M. (Vice President, Long Beach, CA US)