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6 Most Common Time Management Mistakes

Do you feel overloaded, and do you often have to work late to hit your deadlines? Have you thought about how well you are managing your time?

Managing time well helps in being exceptionally productive at work, and our stress levels drop. A key to managing time well is identifying what we are doing wrong and correcting those mistakes. Here´s a short list of the most common mistakes:


Mistake #1. Not Setting Personal Goals

Personal goal setting is essential to managing your time well, because goals give you a destination and vision to work toward.

 Mistake #2. Failing to Keep a To-Do List

The key to using a To-Do Lists effectively lies in prioritizing the tasks on your list.

Mistake #3. Not Prioritizing

It’s essential to learn how to prioritize tasks effectively if you want to manage your time better. Learn the difference between urgent activities, and important activities.

Mistake #4. Procrastination

A bit of planning can certainly help you to achieve what you want to achieve. A lot of planning and thinking tends to have the opposite effect. Start with the hardest task of your day. Break it down into smaller and practical steps and focus on taking the first step. If you start your day this way you will feel relaxed and good about yourself. And your to-do list tends to feel a lot lighter and easier to move through.

Mistake #5. Thriving on “Busy”

Some people get a rush from being busy. The problem is that an “addiction to busyness” rarely means that you’re effective, and it can lead to stress. Instead, try to slow down, and learn to manage your time better.

Mistake #6. Not Taking Breaks

Taking short breaks provide valuable down-time, which will enable you to think creatively and work effectively. If it’s hard for you to stop working, then schedule breaks for yourself, or set an alarm as a reminder. Go for a quick walk, grab a cup of coffee, or just sit and meditate at your desk. Try to take a five minute break at least every two hours.

When you take the time to overcome these mistakes, it will make a huge difference in your productivity. You will also feel happier, and experience less stress!


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