Over the past fifteen years, we’ve worked with companies of different sizes and industries, getting to know their fundamental problems and what prevents them from growing. Our partnering method looks closely at your company’s operations to see how an assistant can help you grow while also freeing up your time so that you can focus on what matters most.

Our team of Virtual Assistant Professionals thrive on creating new and better ways for businesses to get work done. We focus on implementing, streamlining processes and improving workflow.  We take your wide strategic concepts and reduce them to actionable tasks that help scale your business.

Why work with Online Assistant Pro

In recent years, hiring Virtual Assistants has become an essential part of growth because it doesn’t require a business to be burdened with compliance requirements, recruiting challenges and team management. We provide services and operational support to entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses. Here’s what you get when partnering with Online Assistant Pro…


Our Virtual Assistants are trained in their primary fields of expertise. They can assist you in streamlining your delegation process because they already have a great deal of experience working remotely for clients. The assistant we pair you with already holds the skills that will have the most impact on your workload.

Quality Work

Virtual assistants have years of specialized experience and are highly skilled. They require minimal to no training and work quickly and efficiently. Compared to a less skilled assistant who would work for a lower hourly salary, our efficient virtual assistants will use less time to perform work of a much higher caliber.

Reduced costs

Avoid additional costs of hiring a full-time employee, such as taxes, benefits, office and equipment costs as well as vacation and sick time. A Virtual Assistant covers all of their own expenses. You’ll never have to worry about spending money for a worker who is idle. When hiring a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the time spent on each task. Our VAs use a time tracking system and a detailed report is emailed to you.

Productivity improvements

A Virtual Assistant can help automate workflows, streamline project execution and increase your own productivity. Our Online Assistant Pros fit smoothly into your workflow and work alongside the tools you already use.

Ready to Transform the Way You Work?

Hire a Virtual Assistant!

Meet Our Team!

Veronica Andrade

Chief Facilitator


Connoisseur of the virtual assistant world. Started OAP over 10 years ago with a P.H.D. (Poor, Hungry, and Determined) attitude. Ever since, she has collaborated with the world’s most caring, compassionate, and kindhearted visionaries. A fervent seeker of humble service hearts. She’s purpose-driven and has been a community volunteer and need greater for the past 25 years. A wine and coffee enthusiast, and a beach bum, cause hey, the beach is cheaper than therapy!


Mrs. Do Right
AKA Executive Assistant

Aleida has a background in Medical Billing, Customer Service & Human Relations. She loves working as a Virtual Assistant because she can be in control of her time. In her personal life, she loves teaching and helping others.


Keeper of the Funds
AKA Grant Consultant & Bookkeeper

Grant Writer, Bookkeeper, Business Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. Andy has contributed to the restructuring and realignment of strategic planning, operations, finance, marketing, and administration of various businesses. He has a passion for coffee and horticulture.


First Impressions Specialist
AKA Client Care Representative

Bianca loves what she does – helping people get services that can significantly improve their lives. She has worked as a Production Secretary, Compositor, and Digital Publisher. Her passion is helping others. Much of her time outside of work is dedicated to voluntary and educational service that fills her life with satisfaction.


Contract Connoisseur
AKA Paralegal/Executive Assistant

Carla has worked as a Paralegal for the past 20+ years. She also offers executive assistance to our clients. She enjoys working with her husband who has the same profession. We guess you could call them a “Pair-of-legals”!


Office Administration Ninja
AKA Operations Specialist

Cindy has worked in finance as a Collateral Analyst and Payroll Specialist and has also worked as a Legal Secretary.  When she is not working behind-the-office-scenes, Cindy dedicates herself to volunteer work and enjoys spending time with her husband and Pomeranian.


Customer Caretaker
AKA Customer Service Manager

DeDe finds joy working at OAP because it allows her to take her people skills and put them to use in helping those who really need it. DeDe has a background in healthcare and this allows her to show empathy in a new setting. DeDe LOVES to sing and dance and read a good book and is known for her silliness and humor.


Personnel Trainer
AKA HR/Executive Assistant

Diana finds being an online HR professional truly rewarding! She enjoys being able to help employees and make an impact. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband and two pups, doing volunteer work, cooking/baking, needle felting and playing the keyboard.


Talent Agent
AKA HR Support/Digital Marketing

Erick has a strong background in Sales, and has a passion for  HR activities, such as recruiting and hiring new talent.  He loves technology and his curiosity is always triggered by the unknown. His favorite hobby is watching movies with his wife and eating popcorn with his dog.


Virtual Rock Star
AKA Executive Assistant

Essaú loves working with different technologies, interacting with his teammates, and accomplishing tasks together. When he’s not working, Essaú loves to sing and play Rock and Roll on his guitar!


Lead Enabler
AKA Executive Assistant

Jessica finds so much joy in helping her clients so they can focus their time and energy on what matters most to them like their family & the fun part of their business. Jessica loves spending time with her dear husband, traveling, finding yummy places to eat, taking long walks on the beach, playing tennis and ping pong, salsa dancing, and helping her community by participating regularly in volunteer service.


Marketing Mastermind
AKA Digital Marketing Specialist

Josh is an expert in all things Digital Marketing as much as one can be in a constantly changing environment. He is constantly learning, researching, and sharing his knowledge with others. He’s also known for his great sense of humor.


Professional Hand Holder
AKA Director of Customer Service

Kaila loves seeing her clients happy and stress free. She enjoys doing volunteer work in American Sign Language with her husband. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.


TypomanWriter of all wrongs!
AKA Copywriter

When he is not off saving the world with bad puns, Keanu dedicates his time to teaching English and volunteer work. He loves working at OAP because of the flexibility it gives him, his amazing coworkers, and the challenge of learning new things. In his leisure time, Keanu likes to listen to music, walk, and to take pictures of nature.


Call to Actioneer
AKA Social Media Manager

Keyanna has a strong work ethic and is always working behind the scenes to help her clients reach their maximum potential. She enjoys creating content for work, reading, and traveling.


Princess of Processes
AKA Full Charge Bookkeeper and Digital Marketing Consultant

Coffee lover, knowledge seeker, occasional purveyor of wisdom, pianist, guitarist, volunteer worker, foreign language learner, appreciator of others repartee…


Cent Sentinel
AKA Bookkeeper

Laura enjoys working with friendly faces and the satisfaction that comes from problem solving. Every cent counts! In her spare time, there’s nothing quite like a nice hiking trail and dedicating time to help others!


Ambassador of Anna Turney'The Nor'easter is calling!'
AKA Client Care Coordinator and Paralegal

Between her enthusiastic phone calls to clients, Lucy enjoys rambling about First Amendment case law, volunteering in her community, and nagging her friends into watching black-and-white movies.


Organizing Extraordinaire
AKA Legal Assistant/Executive Assistant

Melita finds organization to be a thing of beauty and derives great satisfaction from keeping everything organized for clients. In her free time she enjoys volunteering, traveling, and being out in nature.


Workflow Guru
AKA Administrative Assistant

Nicki’s favorite part of the job is learning new skills, problem-solving, and being able to be creative, even in small ways. In her spare time, she loves being outside and working out. Or better yet, working out – outside.


Aspiring Artist
AKA Graphic Designer

Raquel is extremely grateful for the opportunity given at OAP to be part of a wonderful team and help clients bring their vision and imagination to life. In her free time she enjoys volunteering, surfing, photography, and painting. For Raquel each day is an adventure, another day to enjoy this beautiful gift of life.


Captain of Multi-Tasking
AKA Operations Specialist

Rob  loves being an administrator – it allows him to help companies grow, create processes to better run the company, and assist with everyday needs. In his personal life, he’s a new father. Rob is also very passionate about animals, from furry ones to reptiles and even arachnids!


Marketing Queen
AKA Marketing Director

I work all night, I work all day to feed my dog and with him play

Ain’t he glad?

And people think I tend to boss, I think they’re a little cross

That’s too bad

Volunteering is kinda my thing

Giving to others is everything

I love to quote movies, travel, text, and take selfies

ABBA too

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do


Happiness Hero!
AKA Client Care Representative

Sergio is focused on client care and property management. He loves to help people in any way and follows the principle that one is always happier giving than receiving.


Girl Friday
AKA Social Media Marketing Admin

Timmina specializes in creating content and executing social media strategies. When she isn’t dreaming up innovative, high quality marketing campaigns, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.