“This is why I always do it.” Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe bad results have made you wary of handing off projects or responsibilities to anyone else. Or perhaps you’ve spent more time checking in on your team’s progress than the time it would take you to work solo.

Whatever the case, it might seem as if delegation leads to deadlock instead of actual results. So how can you spend less time getting more done? The solution is not trying to do everything yourself; that only leads to burnout. The answer is to learn the right way to delegate.

Let’s take a look at three common delegation mistakes and what you can do to avoid them –

Big Task, Little Preparation

As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. If your team doesn’t have the proper training to do a task, they will fail to accomplish the main goals of delegation. They won’t save you time, energy, money or stress. The same thing happens when tasks are handed off with little to no explanation.

Take some time to train your team, explain projects well, and watch as they take on more and more tasks successfully.

You Are Always Involved

It might seem like a mistake to not always be involved in what your team is doing, but constantly checking up on how things are going defeats the purpose of delegation.

To solve this problem, learn to let go. Learn to accept the fact that people do things in different ways and that can be very good for you and your business. Doing so lets you let go of the stress and hassle that comes from micromanaging.

No One You Can Share Tasks With

Learning how to delegate is great, unless you don’t have anyone to delegate to! That’s where Online Assistant Pro comes in. We have a team of Virtual Assistants who are excellent at what they do. Not only do you get a dedicated Virtual Assistant to delegate tasks to, but you also get access to a team of experts in a variety of fields to take care of all your business needs.

Schedule a free consultation and start delegating the right way today!