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Organize Your Work Day


It is critical that you take the time to organize your office as well as your time. The time used for this activity will save you hundreds of hours in the future, help you focus and on track. This is a process that you have to continually work on and will lead to great results in your business.

1. Make an exhaustive list of all your responsibilities as a business owner. Now, prioritize them. Tasks that produce income should be at the top of your list. A prioritized list will help you focus and get things done.

2. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. Also find out and note the amount of time needed to complete each one of these tasks.

3. Always keep about five to ten minutes at the end of each day to plan for the next. Put these down on a To-Do List so you can get all the tasks on it completed the next day. Leave this list on your desk so it’s the first thing you look at as you start work the next day. Set aside time for each area (for instance, finances) before you go on to the next (say, marketing).

4. Keep your office organized – project-wise. Organize your office by category. For example, put all the files and information pertaining to finances in one place and marketing in another. In this manner, you can focus on one area/project at a time and also save time.

5. Create a systems, and automate as much possible.  Example: A step file system holds about 7 files. Categorize it by creating files: Do, Read, Awaiting Answer, Consider, Refer, Ideas.

6. Make sure you have a proper filing system. This is a real time saver as it ensures you get what you are looking for- and get the information when you need it.

7. Fully-exploit the critical programs on your computer. Take classes if you have to. You can organize your sales activities on a Customer relationship management (CRM).  Create and monitor your marketing system. Use one that can help with marketing campaigns like email newsletters, surveys, events, Facebook promotions, online listings, and more.

8. Reserve some time for “creative” brainstorming sessions. Do some strategic thinking and see how far you can take your business. Read business books or listen o motivational tapes on the way home- this can lead to some effective strategies.

Hire a virtual assistant to help organize your day to day activities. You may be pleasantly surprised at what a VA can do for your business!