Online Assistant Pro provides access to a team of professional Virtual Assistants that are skilled in the areas of executive assistance, administrative assistance, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, website development, and so much more.
Get an entire virtual team of professionals at a click of a button.

Administrative and Executive Assistance

Email and calendar management, set up systems and processes, create workflows, complete proposals and contracts, reservations, organize and declutter inbox, invoicing and more…

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Social media, edit and brand videos, LinkedIn marketing, AdWords, TikTok, FB, and IG targeted marketing, SEO, event marketing and more…

Website Support and Graphic Design

Create new websites, changes and maintenance, transfer to web hosting etc. Graphic design for flyers, posts, brochures, proposals, certificates, business cards, e-books, how-to guides, menus and more…

Content Creation

Content writing for blogging, newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers etc. Translation, voiceover, surveys, ppt presentations and more…

Human Resources Support

Create job descriptions, post job ads, screen candidates, schedule interviews, create offer letters, onboarding, employee scheduling, set up systems, run payroll, timecard management.

Paralegal Support

Assist counsel in carrying out special projects, draft legal documents, conduct legal research and factual investigation, and more…


Monthly financial reporting, reconciliation, general ledger entries, accounts payable and receivable.

Grant Services for Non-Profits

Application review, grant writing, report writing, temporary assignments. Our team will solicit letters of support, write MOU’s, logic models, etc.

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